Our startups


Business Advisory and Management Consulting with Companies seeking Capital Investments, Technical Partnership, New Technologies, Expertise and Funding which in most cases is lacking for the Companies in various Ventures by either putting together a Team or Securing a Partnership.

Our most valuable contribution does not only come by bringing in the Foreign Investment in the Domestic settings and the creating of new business ventures, but from the transfer of globally competitive technologies and business practices. Foreign investors we facilitate bring packages of technology, management, quality control procedures, human resource practices and experience in managing external relationships that are ultimately transferred to companies, increasing their productivity, and benefiting partners and investors.

We believes that significant value can be created by combining disciplined and conservative approach with businesses in industries where there is potential for significant growth; we exercise thorough and comprehensive deal due diligence, and are able to move quickly to complete a transaction. Our philosophy in 100% due diligence cultivates long-term partnership with all the parties involved in a transaction.
Our area of development interests include but not limited to the following; Agriculture, Organic Farming, Renewal Energy, IT, Technology, Trading, Real Estate, Construction, Minning, Commodities, Capital Market and Much More.

We seek Investment as well as both Technical and Financial Partnership and Joint Venture in various field of Services. We are creating Funding Opportunities in all our Investment areas, Partnership and JV Arrangement that are beneficially to all parties involved. We strive to add value and give high returns on investment to our clients and at the same time contribution to the people lives and community where we do business; this is are corporate and social responsibility.